Transparency & Accountability

Updated: 1 May, 2022

It’s important to see where your help is going and what the real cost of it is. Here is a list of how we are spending the money you gave us to help those fleeing the war.

За нас е важно всичко, което правим да бъде прозрачно и да виждате къде отива вашата подкрепа. В този списък публикуваме как е похарчен всеки лев, който сте дарили, за да подпомогнем тези, които бягат от войната.


91,097 BGN


67,014 BGN


12,200 BGN


11,883 BGN

** Earmarked funds are currently set aside to cover the 2nd 6 months of rent for apartment

DateDescriptionFund RecipientAmount (BGN)
6-Mar-20231 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana651
4-Mar-2023English EducationTanya Zharova160
13-Feb-2023New Children’s Center Donation to help pay utilitiesZadobroto Center12000
13-Feb-2023Food & Essentials for FebAlino Family140
6-Feb-20231 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana651
6-Jan-20231 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana651
15-Jan-2023Food & Essentials for JanAlino Family333
24-Dec-2022Xmas Help for 50 families (50 x 100)Zadobroto Center5000
24-Dec-2022Food & Essentials for DecemberAlino Family430
20-Dec-2022English EducationTanya Zharova180
6-Dec-20221 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana651
14-Nov-2022English EducationTanya Zharova200
6-Nov-20221 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana651
14-Oct-2022Food & Essentials for OctAlino Family418
6-Oct-20221 Months Rent for Center ApartmentTatiana601
6-Oct-20226 Months rent for Mladost ApartmentTanya Zharova5100
6-Oct-2022Helping Entrepreneurs with StallsPlovdiv Foundation2481
6-Oct-2022Help for upcoming Winter Heating Bills (pallets)Alino Family1001
5-Sept-2022Food & Essentials for SeptemberAlino Family310
31-Aug-2022New Apartment for Tatiana (plus deposit)Tatiana2234
31-Aug-2022Rent & Utils for Tanya (June-Aug)Tanya Zharova2000
25-Aug-2022Food & Essentials for AugustAlino Family300
9-Aug-2022Food & Essentials for AugustAlino Family328
9-Aug-2022Essentials for JulyTanya Zharova66
4-Jul-2022Essentials for JulyTanya Zharova87
22-Jul-2022Food & Essentials for JulyAlino Family295
3-Jul-2022GGBG Amazon Zadobroto ProjectZadobroto Center400
2-Jul-2022Humanitarian SuppliesZadobroto Center1475
1-Jul-2022Food & Essentials for JulyAlino Family310
4-Jun-2022Food & Essentials for JuneAlino Family213
31-May-2022Ukrainian Entrepreneur helpIrina300
31-May-2022Help with utilities for MarinaMarina60
30-May-2022GGBG Amazon Zadobroto ProjectZadobroto Center112
23-May-2022Essentials such as baby formula, pharmaceuticalsRelyovo Family235
23-May-2022GGBG Amazon Zadobroto ProjectZadobroto Center300
20-May-2022Humanitarian SuppliesZadobroto Center2773
15-May-2022Food & Essentials for MayAlino Family258
15-May-2022Baby DiapersZadobroto Center400
15-May-2022GGBG Amazon Zadobroto ProjectZadobroto Center380
15-May-2022SIM Card TopupsRelyovo Family67
15-May-2022Baby FormulaRelyovo Family31
29-Apr-2022Essentials, baby formula, pharmaceuticalsRelyovo Family915
29-Apr-2022Food for AprilRelyovo Family894
29-Apr-2022Months Housing Subsidy for HostingYana400
29-Apr-2022Prescriptions and Tests for new JobMarina82
29-Apr-2022Food & Essentials for AprilAlino Family152
26-Apr-2022Humanitarian SuppliesZadobroto Center3560
26-Apr-2022Humanitarian SuppliesZadobroto Center1884
15-Apr-2022Real Estate Agent FeeDiana + Valeria425
15-Apr-20226 Months Rent + Deposit for Mladost ApartmentDiana + Valeria5950
15-Apr-2022Holding Deposit on Mladost ApartmentDiana + Valeria425
18-Apr-2022Bought A Stove for Ukranian FamilyVarious267
14-Apr-2022Food & Essentials for AprilAlino Family104
4-Apr-2022Food & Essentials for AprilAlino Family86
3-Apr-2022Housing Subsidy for HostingYana100
1-Apr-2022Baby FormulaRelyovo Family55
1-Apr-2022General Living CostsRelyovo Family39
1-Apr-2022StrollerRelyovo Family182
31-Mar-2022Food & Essentials for MarchOffice Family141
31-Mar-2022Food & Essentials for MarchRelyovo Family1274
31-Mar-2022Food & Essentials for MarchAlino Family393
31-Mar-2022Food & Essentials for MarchMarina161
27-Mar-2022Housing Subsidy for HostingYana100
22-Mar-2022Essential SuppliesZadobroto Center389
20-Mar-2022Housing Subsidy for HostingYana100
19-Mar-2022Essential SuppliesZadobroto Center560
15-Mar-2022Essential SuppliesZadobroto Center1011
15-Mar-2022Sim CardMarina10
10-Mar-2022General Living CostsRelyovo Family550
10-Mar-2022Sim CardsRelyovo Family40
7-Mar-2022Setting Up Room to sleep 3-4 people (Mike)Various2532