The Topvine team is here to help

After visiting the Soft Uni building (Open Doors Situation Center) and seeing the amount of time, effort, and emotion that hundreds of volunteers were putting in daily, I decided that there must be more that I could do from a small business owners perspective.

So, I wrote our team to let them know that Mike was turning the office into a safe place for a family to sleep and asked them to support me by taking on more work to free up my time to help in other ways.

Fast-forward a month later – I now spend a couple of days a week working in the city helping where my skills are best spent. I also “repurposed” two of my junior developers (Rado and Nikola) to “volunteer” as well, currently building 3 different websites for Open Doors. I have also offered up Topvines services to Zadobroto when the need it for anything tech related.

Petar, Nikola, and Rado in our new makeshift office in the Soft Uni Building

In a just a couple of days we have whipped up the English site. with two more in progress.

But, the Topvine love doesn’t stop there . Yana and Petar are going above and beyond 7 days a week to help Katie and I + the families we are helping.

To give you an idea of the kind of boss I am, it goes like this.

  • Yana find me an apartment with xyz – just get it done!
  • Petar, test this software and have it up ready for me to play with by the time I get back from lunch.
  • Petar / Yana here is the nearest ….. insert anything? And how do I…. insert anything?
  • What are you doing right now? Nope, stop that, you are coming with me to translate.
  • Petar, where is the best banitsa, I’m hungry.

Most tasks I assign also end with GOOD LUCK, but there isnt one thing I have thrown at Yana in the last 2 years that she has not been able to solve or find, and Petar has a heart of gold always willing to help the boss.

I really appreciate our whole team eager to step in and help at any time of the day, any day of the week. They inspire me to work even harder.