It been so long since we updated this

. Sorry for not keeping you updated on how we’ve been using the raised funds for displaced Ukrainians. Since the situation has changed over time, we have decided to focus our efforts on those we are already helping, as well as make specific donations to Проект #ЗАДОБРОТО – Za Dobroto (more details below).

During Christmas, the Za Dobroto team put together a list of 50 families in need of support. We were able to donate 5000 BGN of the raised funds to these families, and though it wasn’t much, we hoped it would bring some joy during the holiday season.

In other awesome news! We were able to donate 12,000 BGN (1000 x 12 months) of the raised funds to support the utilities of a new center that Nadejda Rangelova-Boyadjieva has been tirelessly working on.

You should definitely check out what they have accomplished so far!

Although we are not currently supporting Open Doors ( ) through donations, Topvine is currently building them a new website probono. It will showcase the Ukrainian school they have started, which currently has over 200 students! I promise I will visit soon Ioana Bestiuc-Petrova. ( )

The foundations we work with have shifted from humanitarian aid to be focused on providing long-term support in the education sector and we want to continue to contribute to their causes in this area as best we can.

Ongoing costs

Rent for 2 apartments in Sofia
Food and essential support for the family in the neighboring village

Updated detailed line by line spending at